Who We Are

Investment Criteria and Process

Ideal investment

  • Focus on VA, NC, SC, AL, FL and GA
  • Particular Focus on Under-Managed Properties with Value-Add Opportunities
  • Relationship Sourcing

Investment process summary

Market Opportunity

  • Secondary and Tertiary market focus generates a more attractive return profile due to less competition from institutional investors
  • Attracted to growing markets where jobs and economic development are abundant
  • Extensive deal flow through long-standing network in flourishing Southeast markets

Value-Add Investment Strategy

  • Value creation through “hands on” management
  • Thorough knowledge of geographic target area
  • Widespread tenant and broker relationships in target asset classes
  • Necessity-based tenancy; Recession-resistant,  Amazon-resistant, and COVID-resistant tenants

High Disciplined Investment Approach

  • Rigorous due diligence process
  • Data-centric market assessment and projections

Core Philosophies

  • Dynamic strategy based on experience and local industry knowledge
  • Diverse investment capabilities focusing on 4 different property types:
    • Flex-Industrial (Currently own)
    • Retail (Currently own)
    • Multifamily
    • Select service and limited-service hotels
  • Secondary and tertiary Southeast market focus with higher yields and fewer institutional players
  • Invest in “workforce” or “necessity” real estate because we believe it is more stable with lower turnover and less volatile economic swings